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5000噸油壓機-Fiber Cement Board Hydraulic press

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BY815X12/50(Q228)油壓機 FC板、TK板是新型建築材料,它具有幅面大、強度高、耐腐蝕、防水、防火、易於加工等優點,廣泛用於各種工業民用建築的內外強板、吊頂板地下工程等。 BY815X12/50(Q228)油壓機是生產FC板、TK板的專用設備,包括:油壓機、裝卸料小車、電控系統和油壓系統。油壓系統由二台大流量低壓泵和二台不同流量的高壓泵及有關滑閥組成,能同時完成油壓機和裝卸料小車的工藝動作,電控系統採用PC控制,油壓機為八缸下置框架式結構,油壓缸動作由光電開關和行程開關控制,動作準確,裝卸料小車採用低速大紐矩液壓馬達驅動,調速範圍大,穩定可靠。

總壓力 : 5000噸層數 :
單層兩橫樑間淨間距 : 1315MM 工作臺幅面(長X寬): 3600x1500mm
進板方式 : 縱向外型尺寸 : 8870x3450x7450mm
載重量 : 17000kg
柱塞缸(直徑X行程): 560x450mm x8個
工作油壓 : 26mpa
重量 : 150000kg
電機功率 : 73.5KW

BY815x12/50(Q228)Hydraulic press FC board and TK board are new type of constructional materials.Because of possessing many merits such as large dimensions,high strength, erosion-proof, water-proof, fire-proof, good performance of machining and so on, these two kinds of products are widely used in various industries and civil architecture such as interior & external wall board, ceiling and underground engineering etc. BY815x12/50(Q228) hydraulic press consisting of press, loading & unloading truck, electric control system and hydraulic system is a special equipment for producing FC board and TK board.the hydraulic system which consists of two low pressure pump with high flow, two high pressure pump with low flow and related hydraulic spool valves can simultaneously make the press and the truck finish their own actions. The electric control system is operated by PC units .The hydraulic press takes the use of welded-frame type and eight.cylinders are set in the bottom of crossbeam .Controlled by photo switches and limit switches,the hydraulic cylinders can move correctly. The loading & unloading truck is driven by hydraulic motor with low speed and high torque. So its speed-regulating scopes are wide and its operating action are stable and reliable.

Main Technical Data
Nominal total pressure 50MN
No. of daylight Single Daylight opening 1315MM
Working planten dimensions 3600 x 1500mm
Feeding direction Longitudinal
Overall dimensions 8870 x 3450 x 7450mm
Loading capacity 17000kg
Piston Cylinder : Diameter x Stroke 560 x 750mm x 8 Operating pressure 26mpa
Weight 150000kg
Motor power 73.5KW

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