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Tanouchi 五呎旋切機-5ft Veneer Rotary peeling Lathe

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TANOUCHI BV-5 五呎旋切機( 改良設計)


1.TWIN PERIPHERAL DRIVER Upper & Lower twins peripheral drive roller rotate the log while holding the log along its all length at upper & lower position by hydraulic power. Form beginning to end, the log is held by the twin drive rollers and peeled down to the final minimum core diameter constantly without vibration

2.CASSETTE ROLLER PRESSURE BAR SYSTEM Roller type pressure bar with bearing inside, short size cassette composition. Comparing to fix nose bar , the cassette roller bar minimize cutting resistance for stable peeling operation.

3.SERVO CONTORL FEEDING SYSTEM When you change veneer thickness ,no need to charge the thickness gear. Carry out the accurate knife feeding electrically, and thickness setting can be done by 0.01mm scale.

4.SWING TYPE CENERING CHARGER SYSTEM Mechanical hydraulic power system auto centering charger. During the peeling operation , the centering charger continuously carryout the centering and chargering. BEAVER STANDRD SPECIFICATIONS ITEM

MODEL BV-5 Log Diameter 150~400mm
Log Length 950~1350mm
Length Knife 1450mm
Log Drive System Twin Peripheral Drive Rollers Spindle Double Spindles Pressure Bar Cassette Type Roller Bar Knife Setting
Hydraulic Clamp Chuck Diameter Out Chuck 123mm Inner Chuck55mm
Veneer Thickness 1.0mm~3.5mm Digital Input Peeling
Speed 70 meter/min
Auto Log Input High Speed Centering Charger
Main Motor DC37kw

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