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NC 旋切式中板剪板機-Rotary Veneer Clipper (Veneer Cutting

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In order to solve the problem of waste caused by 9 feet clipper on production line of plywood it is no doubt that the precision size of clipper of a 4`x 8` veneer will have to be shortened form 50`` to 49.9``
A brand new design of one set of 9 feet veneer computer controlled rotary clipper has been developed successfully by our company and promoted to the market for sale. To replace your old one with this equipment will let you reclaim year investment cost within half an year.
(1) The 9 feet clipper under application by your company will play an important role on production line during wood shortage and when its price is high. According to 10 year` experience in the test run of our plywood plant, we discover that the traditional control method of cutting under current application still has many defects yet looking for breakthrough. For example: 1.during changing of conveyor speed, there is error of cutting length and the readjustment of size must be made. 2.there is difference between the two cutting lengths of cut that has caused a lot of loss in long run calculation.

(2)Defects of traditional control: a. We do not know the cutting length beforehand and it needs further readjustment to make sure if the measuring size is correct after cutting, thus the waste occurred. b. When drying speed is changed, it must be remeasured and readjusted once again. c. When the different speed of air cylinder is waving right and left, when the cutting size will become different. This will result in one size longer than the other one. Transformation specification 

Model RTC-2700
Cut thick 0.4-5m/m
Min. cut length 300m/m
Max.cut length 300m/m up
Max.cut width 2760m/m
Feeding speed 0-70m/min
Power supply
Motor for in feed convery3.7kw
Rotary cut knife 5 kw

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